What does TCF mean to you?

TCF represents the gathering and uniting of God’s teachers in Malaysia, walking together with one common goal and purpose – to be God’s ambassadors of love, truth and grace in our respective schools and institutions. United we stand divided we fall.

TCF to me is a fellowship of Christian Teachers who believe in making a difference in the schools where we have been placed.

TCF is a place of encouragement, of learning, of serving….a family of Christian educators.

TCF seeks to help Christian educators be salt and light in their schools.

    Mission School Aspirantions and The National Education Blueprint SYMPOSIUM FCCMSM 2014
    Aspirasi Sekolah Misi dan Pelan Pembangunan Pendidikan Malaysia

    Venue: Methodist College Kuala Lumpur
    off Jln Tun Sambanthan 4,
    50470 Kuala Lumpur

    Date: Thursday, 18th & Friday, 19th September 2014

    More information and the registration form can be downloaded here and here.

    Tempat: Kolej Methodist Kuala Lumpur
    off Jln Tun Sambanthan 4,
    50470 Kuala Lumpur

    Tarikh: Khamis, 18hb & Jumaat, 19hb September 2014

    Maklumat tambahan dan borang pendaftaran boleh dimuat turun sini dan sini.
  • Elena Cooke Education Fund

    The Fund, set up in honour of the late Miss Elena Cooke, the longest serving headmistress of the Bukit Bintang Girls’ School (BBGS), aims to help underprivileged young people, whether they live with their families or were raised in children’s homes and orphanages, in their pursuit of quality education after SPM in local colleges or universities.

    Closing Date:
    Opens throughout the year

    Minimum Criteria
    Applicants must have at least 3As in SPM and must meet other requirements as stated in the application form. Household income must be below RM50,000 per annum.

    Kindly note that only those who meet the minimum criteria are eligible to apply. Further, meeting the minimum criteria does not automatically lead to a grant of a scholarship.

    College/University & Course
    Applicants must already have a confirmed offer from a local college/university for any certification/diploma/degree course pursued in Malaysia.

    At the sole and absolute discretion of the Elena Cooke Education Fund.

    How to Apply
    Application form can be downloaded here.

    Email your completed application form with the required documents as stated in the application form to: bbgs.ecef@gmail.com

    Please email any questions you may have to bbgs.ecef@gmail.com


    Versi Bahasa Malaysia
    Sila klik
    pautan ini.

  • In Step

    Did you try something new in your teaching this year that was successful or different? Can you share with the rest of us?
    Write to us at fizzymat@yahoo.com and we may print it out in In Step, our quarterly. In the Subject heading of your email, please write ‘For In Step’.

    Adakah anda mencuba sesuatu yang baru dalam pengajaran tahun ini yang berjaya atau berbeza? Bolehkah kongsi dengan kami semua?
    Tulis kepada kami di fizzymat@yahoo.com dan kami mungkin mencetaknya dalam In Step, majalah kami. Dalam ‘Subject’ bagi email, tolong tulis ‘Untuk In Step’.

  • Vacancies

    In view of the expansion of Sri Sempurna International School, the school is in need of good and dedicated Teachers. We welcome teachers of all disciplines.

    Help us make a difference in the lives of our young generation.

    Interested? Please us at 03-9131 5100 / 9134 1877 or email us at: sekolahsrisempurna@gmail.com

    Sekolah Antarabangsa Sri Sempurna sedang mengembang dan memerlukan Guru-guru yang cemerlang dan berdedikasi. Kami mengalu-alukan guru dari pelbagai disiplin.

    Sertailah kami bagi membuat perubahan dalam hidup pemuda-pemudi kita.

    Berminat? Hubungi kami di 03-9131 5100 / 9134 1877 atau emel kami di: sekolahsrisempurna@gmail.com

  • In Step 2013 Vol 25 Issue 4 and In Step Vol 26 Issue 1 quarterly are here for downloading.
    In Step 2013 Keluaran 25 Jilid 4 dan In Step 2014 Keluaran 26 Jilid 1 sedia dimuat turun.

    Click here to download issue Vol 25-4.
    Klik sini untuk memuat turun nashkah Keluaran 25-4.>>

    Click here to download issue Vol 26-1.
    Klik sini untuk memuat turun nashkah Keluaran 26-1.>>

    13 V25-4 14 V26-1

  • Bible Knowledge Quiz 2014 Results
    Keputusan Kuiz Pengetahuan Alkitab 2014

    Click here to download:
    Klik sini untuk muat-turun:

    “Results for KL”
    “Keputusan untuk KL” >>

    “Results for Miri”
    “Keputusan untuk Miri” >>

    “Results for Pahang”
    “Keputusan untuk Pahang” >>

    “Results for Selangor”
    “Keputusan untuk Selangor” >>

  • Bible Knowledge Quiz 2014
    Kuiz Pengetahuan Alkitab 2014

    Here are some documents for registration for the 18th National SPM BK Oral Quiz and BK14 Quiz.

    Click here to download “18th SPM BK Quiz invitation” >>

    Click here to download “Prequiz info 2014” >>

    Click here to download “RC1_14 & RC2_14” >>

    Click here to download “Registration guidelines 2014” >>

    Click here to download “RS1_14 & RS2_14” >>

    For more information, contact: bknet2011@gmail.com

    Berikut adalah beberapa dokumen untuk pendaftaran bagi Kuiz Lisan BK SPM Kebangsaan ke-18 dan Kuiz BK14.

    Klik sini untuk memuat turun “Surat Jemputan ke Kuiz Lisan BK SPM Kebangsaan ke-18” >>

    Klik sini untuk memuat turun “Maklumat Awal Kuiz 2014” >>

    Klik sini untuk memuat turun “RC1_14 & RC2_14” >>

    Klik sini untuk memuat turun “Panduan Pendaftaran 2014” >>

    Klik sini untuk memuat turun “RS1_14 & RS2_14” >>

    Untuk maklumat lanjut, sila hubungi: bknet2011@gmail.com
  • Our Prayer
    Doa Kita

    “Our Father in heaven,” Jesus taught us to pray, “may Your name be kept holy” (Matthew 6:9). We affirm today that Your name, Yahweh, already is holy because it describes You—pure, perfect, far removed from evil, error, and corruption.

    And yet in praying, “May Your name be kept holy,” we acknowledge our part, as Your people, in revealing Your holiness to others. By our words and deeds we can either represent You well, or we can cause Your name to be blasphemed by the world (Romans 2:24).

    God, we confess today that we have in many ways tainted Your holy name. We ask humbly, and urgently, that You right what we’ve wronged, and make Your name holy once more. We beg your forgiveness …

    • For church ministers who have betrayed the trust of children. They have violated their innocence in Your name.

    • For televangelists whose ministries have collapsed in scandal. They have ruined lives in Your name.

    • For crusades and wars fought for the “Prince of Peace”—for acts of brutality done in Your name.

    • For the coldness of some of our churches and the superficiality of others; for the ways we’ve clung to archaic tradition or run with the latest fad.

    • For clothing ourselves in riches while the poor starve; for cheapening the bonds of marriage by relaxing sexual ethics; for pursuing success at the expense of principle; for the self-centeredness of our dreams; for the myriad ways we have refashioned You into a god who endorses whatever we want endorsed.

    Holy God, we’re so sorry. We repent. Empower us to live lives like Yours. For You are pure, loving, and good—and You call us to be like You. May your name be kept holy. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.

    Taken from Our Daily Journey with God, July 7, 2013
    Diambil dari Our Daily Journey with God, Julai 7, 2013
  • Statement from NECF: Responding to possible action against Churches for using “Allah”
    Kenyataan dari NECF: Berespons terhadap tindakan yang mungkin boleh berlaku kerana penggunaan Allah

    Click here to download the NECF Statement. (English) >>

    Klik sini untuk memuat turun kenyataan NECF. (BM) >>
  • Pengetahuan Alkitab

    Dua buku teks untuk subjek Pengetahuan Alkitab yang diuji di peringkat SPM sekolah menengah kini berada di pasaran dari Wawasan Penabur!

    Bible Knowledge

    Two text books in Bahasa Malaysia for the secondary school SPM subject Bible Knowledge is now available from Wawasan Penabur!

    Buku 1: Kisah Rasul-Rasul.
    Book 1: Acts of the Apostles
    Kisah Rasul-Rasul

    Buku 2: Lukas
    Book 2: Luke
  • School Christian Fellowship Blueprint
    Pelan Tindakan Persaudaraan Kristian Sekolah

    Here are some documents for starting an SCF:
    Di sini dilampirkan beberapa dokumen bagi menubuhkan sebuah PKS:

    Click here to download the blueprint.>>
    SCF Blueprint

    Klik sini untuk memuat turun pelan tindakan.>>
    Pelan Tindakan Cover

  • Statement from CFM regarding usage of the word “Allah”
    Kenyataan dari CFM mengenai penggunaan istilah “Allah”

    Click here to download the Media Statement.>>
    Klik sini untuk memuat turun Kenyataan Media.>>

    Click here to download the 10 Point Solution.>>
    Klik sini untuk memuat turun Penyelesaian 10 Perkara.>>

    Allah 1 Allah 2
  • Please Pray
    Sila Berdoa

    Pray against the proposed Conversion Bill 2013 that would cause minors (i.e. children below 18 of age) to be converted by only one (instead of both as stated under Article 12(4) of the Federal Constitution) of their parents.

    Doa menentang cadangan Rang Undang Penukaran Agama yang akan memaksa anak bawah umur 18 tahun ditukarkan agama oleh seorang sahaja dari dua ibubapanya. Ini bercanggah dengan Perlembagaan Negara yang menyatakan persetujuan kedua-dua ibubapa mesti diperolehi.

    What is the implication of conversion? Read this:

    Apakah implikasi penukaran agama? Baca ini:

  • When, Why and How Christians use the word ‘Allah’ - Statement from CFM
    Bila, Mengapa dan Bagaimana Orang Kristian mengguna istilah ‘Allah’ - Pernyataan dari CFM

    Click here to download the document.
    Klik sini untuk memuat turun dokumen tersebut.>>

  • Looking for Bahasa resources?

    Try this website! Click Wawasan Penabur

    Founded by Christian leaders from across the major denominations, we serve this mission by seeking to collaborate with Christians committed to serve the BM Church in East and West Malaysia.

  • Some relevant Surat Pekeliling Ikhtisas
    Penempatan Murid ke Sekolah Mubaligh
    Pekeliling Ikhtisas Bil 1/2011
    Penubuhan Persatuan Agama bukan islam
    Pekeliling Ikhtisas Bil 2/2011
    Pengajaran Bible Knowledge
    Pekeliling Ikhtisas Bil 4/2011
  • Our students are applying for further studies and scholarships. To help these students, we are listing here scholarships available for application.

    Click here for the list of scholarships. You are encouraged to let others know about this.
Contact email: bknet2011@gmail.com
Mrs Kua: 016-390 9495

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